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Preferred Management Corporation’s customer service is structured through the proper attention to details. Details are the little things that make a big difference in the utilization review process, like the following:

  •  Making the extra phone calls to all the parties involved in the medical treatment of the injured or ill worker that keep every party on the same page.
  • Keeping in touch with injured worker and his/her concerned family and friends, so they remain informed about their treatment plan that will return them back to work quicker.
  • Paying close attention to the claims examiner’s needs, so a real personable relationship is established; thereby paving the way for crystal clear lines of communication.
  • Recognizing ways in the utilization review service, so we can continuously improve to provide superior service to our clients.

Key Features and Benefits of our Utilization Review Technology:

All of the administrative and clerical aspects of the processes are programmed per the requests of client and then processed effectively and efficiently by the system. Thereby ensuring consistent, accurate and timely execution.
The system automatically calculates due dates according to state regulations to prevent/limit exposure to penalties.
The system automatically tracks the time on task by reviewers on the system to ensure accurate billing as well as providing measurable performance standards for all professional staff.
The system automatically tracks all previous and current reviews by claim which provides a greater level of knowledge to the reviewers on any individual claim. For example, this allows the reviewer to instantly identify and verify duplicates, appeals and re-reviews.
The system tracks all reviews on a claim, so spotting inappropriate practice patterns and/or fraud is easier. We assure you that no other company combines such efficient utilization review technology with our standards of high customer service.

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